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Mystery Towns

A tour? A game? YOU decide!

Your Mystery Towns clue-solving adventure will show you a town’s icons, great shopping & dining, and hidden secrets even the locals don't know. We send you a series of clues by text message that lead you on an easy walk to find and solve a puzzle. But can you complete them all and unlock the final mystery? Let your phone be your guide. Get the texts. Solve the clues. Unlock the adventure!

Mystery Town Tours offers the flexibility that you need - take the tour any day you want and start at your own time within a generous daily window. Choose to race against the clock, or like most of our guests simply slow down and enjoy the tour. Either way you will enjoy clues that have been prepared in loving detail by local experts.

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Do I need to know all about the town before I start?
No. Clues are written assuming no knowledge of the town, and are sequential – each clue has several components to look for to guide you toward that clue’s destination. In fact, we have witnessed locals going wrong by trying to solve the whole clue and making the wrong assumptions!
Is it a race?
There is a leaderboard on the website for those who want to race, and the clues are challenging enough to keep the most competitive Teams interested. For everyone else it is a leisurely tour of the town. In our experience over 80% of teams end up enjoying the experience just for fun!
Are children allowed on the tour?
Each adventure is written for a different target audience based on the length of walking and the venues visited. Please check the Pricing Guide for each adventure to see restrictions. Children under 18 are permitted on all adventures unless advised specifically, however some adventures may not be suitable for small children – in that case it is recommended to bring a bike or stroller for any small children accompanying you.
What happens if I can’t answer a clue?
Stuck on a clue? Use the HINT buttons within the App - though time penalties will be added to your final score! Along the way you may ask for DIRECTIONS, or help on how to SOLVE the puzzle (each incurs a 10-minute time penalty). You may also PASS to skip a clue, incurring a 30-minute penalty. If you are racing the clock to try and make the leaderboard, time penalties matter. If you are simply enjoying the experience you may use the clues at will! All time penalties are added to your final score - you will not be made to wait during the game.
How does the adventure work?
You will receive an email on confirmation of your booking. Download the App, go to the Start Location and input the details as instructed. From there you will receive instructions and a backstory, and when ready to go you will receive a series of clues that will lead you through your adventure. Submit your answers and when correct you will receive a new clue – or if wrong you will receive a time penalty. All answers are ONLY ONE WORD or NUMBER with no punctuation - please ensure you check spelling carefully as many players have received time penalties due to autocorrect! Complete all the clues and solve the final mystery!
When can I take my adventure?
Mystery Towns adventures are very flexible – we want you to play on a day that works for YOU and fits your own plans and (of course) weather conditions. You can start any time after your booking - you don’t need to tell us when – you simply go to the Start Location within the start time window in your instructions.